Saturday, 27 September 2014

Colinette Knitting Kit For Sale. (SOLD THANK YOU!).

Hi everyone!

I have a Colinette Knitting Set For Sale today.
If you are interested I do have Paypal.
Postage is extra.
Thanks for looking!

Colinette  Yarns Knitting Kit. £25.00 

New and un-used. Un-wanted Gift.
Comes complete with '3 for all' Pattern Book
and Knitting Bag to hold your yarn measuring 20" x 15"
No Knitting Needles included in the Kit.

Yarn colours 

2 x 50gms Cherry,
1 x 50gm  Whirley Fig.
1 x 50gm Pastures New.
1 x 50gm Elephants Daydream. 

66% Pure Wool, 33% Welsh Black Wool.

I've had this Kit for a few years (2011) but I've never got round to
using it. Why not make something different for yourself or for
someone at Christmas time? It would make a great Gift for someone
who enjoys the Craft of Knitting.

Thanks for looking!

My email address is
I'm Sue 

x Sue x 

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