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Why not make a Christmas present for an Elderly Resident?

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Today's post is concentrating on 'Christmas Gifts for the Elderly'. I just thought it would be nice if we could try something different out. The idea of adding Shawls to our  'SIBOL' project has definitely been a success now it's time for something else.  I should have started this a couple of months ago but as things have been rather hectic at home with my Daughter fracturing her ankle time has been limited. I'm sorry about that. Anyway, I thought it might be nice if we could make some items to give out to the Homes at Christmas.

I have asked Ladies in our RAVELRY Group for ideas and I have also spoken to a couple of Homes just to see whether they think it's a good idea.  They tell me their Residents do go out to the Shops, attend Hospital appointments, Garden Centres, evenings out  etc., and warm clothing is always very useful.  Such as Fingerless Gloves, Wrist Warmers, Scarves, Hats etc., Items like that. The suggestion of Bed Socks, Bed Jackets etc., would also be very much appreciated. Really anything you like. I have to say I don't really want Cardigans and Jumpers.

So.....if you have time on your hands this Autumn why not make at least one item for a Christmas present? It's nice to have something to do while watching the TV on an evening and at the same time doing something really worthwhile for an Elderly Resident.

For example  I've already received these Fingerless Gloves from Paula953 over on RAVELRY. Great aren't they? Thanks Paula953.

Paula953 'Fingerless Gloves' for the SIBOL PROJECT.

If you have any ideas you would like to run past me please feel free to mail me
I'm Sue 

Now today I have received a gorgeous Sunshine Blanket from Gill. Made in Cream and Burgundy this once again is a superb Blanket.

A great size, beautiful combination of colours and a matching Butterfly!



Not only did I receive a Blanket from Gill I also received another Shawl and Butterfly to match.



Beautiful work - 
Thank you so much Gill.
A lot of work went into these two items.
I know they will be loved.

Well I think that's all for today.


Sue x 

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  1. I love the red and mustard colours. They make a bold fashion statement.


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