Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The blankets keep arriving!

Good Afternoon everyone!

I wrote an earlier post showing you Lesley's wonderful blanket that I received this morning, but I've had to come back because I have had three more blankets arrive this afternoon by courier. They have arrived from Fiona (Netherlands) on RAVERLY.  I do hope you will scroll down and have a look at Lesley's blanket. It was so pretty!  I have to load the blankets up more or less as soon as they arrive or else I will get behind.

Fiona has worked so hard for SIBOL this year making her own blankets and indeed making Squares up for me and today I received two blankets back which were from our 'take a bag' thread. This is where our SIBOLETTES have been giving me a hand get up to date with our blankets. I am very grateful to everyone that has given me a hand with them also.  Not only did I receive back 'two take a bags' but......I have received 'Think Pink 3' back. Fiona has very kindly assembled 25 Squares for me and very soon  I will be putting the blanket up for sale on the SIBOL Blog.  I will be inviting you to take part in a 'Silent Auction' so you can possibly own one of our Think  Pinks! OOh, what an exciting afternoon I am having and I thought it was going to be quiet. I was planning to get the border finished this afternoon on Irish Rose, but I have been busy taking photos and loading up.....I will show you now what's come in from our dear Fiona.

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this blanket!

Fiona has assembled these 25 Squares so...well, just take a look at them. Wonderful Squares from all over the World, thanks so much everyone for sending them in to me.
Then we have some Black and White Squares, not enough to make a blanket but Fiona has worked her magic with these Squares and she has added her own mark to them. What a fantastic blanket! Oooh, it's one of those afternoons where I am sitting here bubbling over with excitement!

Thanks to everyone for these Squares and thanks Fiona too!

This one is called 'Silver Cross' can you see why? Another beautiful blanket Fiona! Thanks so....much for all your hard work on these 'take a bag' Squares!

I am going to keep you in suspense for 'Think Pink' (3). It will be showcased shortly.....Can you wait? I hope so.

Let's have a closer look now at these blankets!

x Sue x

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