Tuesday, 13 November 2012

'Christmas Lights!' 2/4

Hi everyone!

I am a busy bee today with all these wonderful blankets arriving at 'Two Times!'.  I am very happy to be showcasing 'Christmas Lights'. This blanket was made by 'jenn1feranne!' The pattern was designed by Amy Schwab who lives in Canada.  Isn't it gorgeous?  These Squares remind me of looking through windows and seeing all the lights in houses at Christmastime. What a lot of work has gone in to this blanket! Can you imagine all the ends that Jennifer had to sew in? Wow!
Thank you so much 'jenn1feranne'.
Let's take a look now!

What a wonderful blanket!

How kind of you to put so much work in to this blanket! I really appreciate your 'SIBOL' contributions!

Such wonderful Squares in this blanket

Sorry about the pin on the floor :) Used it to keep the Butterflies on! :)
x Sue x

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