Monday, 5 November 2012

Our Musical Challenge is finished!

308 'Musical Challenge' - 'Play me a Tune!'

Good Afternoon to you and thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins',

Today I am very happy indeed to be showcasing our 'Musical Challenge Blanket', it's called 'Play me a Tune' and I am very grateful for all the wonderful Squares that arrived at my home for this particular Challenge. Your 'creativity' has once again shone through, some amazing Squares!

The border on this Blanket is from 'Around The Corner Crochet Borders' by Edie Eckman.

I would like to thank everyone for sending in these wonderful Squares!

I love the Squares in this Blanket. Thanks everyone!

They are all absolutely amazing!

So interesting, so colourful!

Let's take a look at them now!



Thanks everyone!


I have started the Irish Rose Challenge and I hope it won't be too long before I can show you!
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  1. I love it! Is there any way to get the patterns for the squares? My family is very musical and I would love to make some of these squares! Thank you!

  2. Hello Hannah,
    Do you mean the crocheted or knitted ones? I can try and find out for you where the patterns came from.
    Crocheted are usually made up by basic crocheted stitches, using shapes etc.,
    I can't mail you.
    Please mail me.
    Sue on
    Sorry for the delay in replying.

  3. I would also love to know if these are patterns that can be shared. I am interested in the crochet ones.

  4. I have been looking for a pattern for butterflies,Do you have a pattern for them?

  5. I am also looking for the crochet pattern, we have a music room in our home, this would fit right in!!!


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