Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Help with Knitted Squares! 4/4

Good Afternoon everyone!

I am very grateful to ginnyknit from the MSE forum because today I received back two blankets which she has put together for me.  I received quite a lot of Knitted Squares some months ago and she has been very kind assembling them for me. I'm sure you will agree she has made a great job of them. This really has helped me out and I'm really pleased that they have arrived back just in time for my next deliveries. Let's take a look at them. The Squares are great colours and I would like to thank the Craft Groups for sending them in to me.

Two blankets made up by ginnyknit (MSE). Thank you!

Great blankets ginnyknit, I really love them!  The Purple and Green Squares are great combinations together. You have a real knack of joining them!
Let's have a look at the Slide Show now!

Such pretty blankets!

Thanks for stopping by!

x Sue x


  1. jestem oczarowana, zachwycona i brak mi słów :)))
    Cudownie Pani tworzy... ♥


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