Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A blanket full of Sweeties! 1/4

Hello Everyone!
I had 4 parcels arrive this morning at 'Two Times'. Wow! What a morning!  What could be inside?

Well I have spent all afternoon trying to write my Blog posts and load my photos on to Flickr. In the end I had to stop and give everything a break. After getting our meal ready this evening I decided to give it one more try and I'm pleased to say that everything seems to be working fine now! It does annoy me when 'htmls' don't work how they should.

As I have said I had four parcels arrive and I would like to thank everyone for their 'SIBOL' contributions.

ginnyknit sent me two 'take a bag' blankets back, Joanna sent me two Granny blankets, jenn1feranne sent me 'Christmas Lights' and Maria-Jesus and Purlygalore  on RAVELRY sent me Daffodil Squares and 'Liquorice Allsorts!'.

I have written individual posts for everyone. I have made you all Slide Shows and I really would love you all to scroll down so that you can see what's new. These blankets are all absolutely amazing!  I am very grateful to everyone for getting them in to me before I go out on my deliveries! The 'Wow's' did not stop coming today!

The first blanket has arrived from Maria Jesus and Purlygalore over on RAVERLY. They have worked together on this blanket and it absolutely amazing as you will see. Do you like Liquorice Allsorts? Our 'SIBOLETTES' even sent me a bag of sweets with this blanket!  Can you see the Butterflies in the centre? What a lot of work has gone in to this blanket.

They both worked on this blanket together!

I know it's definitely a Wow!  Let's take a look at the Slide Show now!

How kind of you both to work together on this blanket, what a good idea!   'SIBOL' is definitely a place where we can show off our creativity and make something useful too.
Not only did the 'SIBOLETTES' make a beautiful blanket they also sent in Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge. They are so lovely. Thank you very much.

After I have delivered the blankets  things on 'SIBOL' will probably be a little quiet until I have got the Challenges sorted etc.,  I realise everyone will be making Christmas Gifts etc., but could I just ask if you have any spare minutes that you would have a go at making some Butterflies. We have had a lot of blankets arrive  recently and although I still have plenty here we do need to keep our Butterfly stash up.

Here's the link to Nettie's Blog in Australia. It's a great tutorial - have a go!
So please scroll down and have a look at the previous posts, you wont want to miss our new blankets!

Thanks for stopping by.
x Sue x

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