Saturday, 3 July 2010

What pretty Squares from Spain for SIBOL! / Slideshow - A stroll around my Garden.,

Hi on Saturday!

I'm just loving Cosetespetites' Squares! All the way from Spain,. She has sent some beautiful Squares full of glorious colour. I do love the Orange and Green colour combination. I am so over the moon with all the gorgeous Squares I receive. I just can't wait to show you all!

Now I hope you will check her blog out, and I'm sure you will agree they are lovely.  Thanks so much Cosetespetites! Here's your Slide Show, sit back and enjoy!

I've just been messing around today. I thought I would take you for a stroll around my Garden. Wanna come?

Our house is not big by any means but sufficient for us. One thing we like very much is the privacy we have because no houses back on to us. We have a Conservatory and then a three level Patio. The Patio leads down to the lawned area. It's south facing and gets so hot out there. At the bottom of the Garden high up behind the trees on the embankment we have a train line. In the Summer we have Steam trains every weekend and at Christmastime we have the Santa Specials.. Great fun!

I hope you have enjoyed my Garden as much as I do.....
Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Oh my! I adore those squares.

    I visited Cosetespetites' blog, but couldn't comment on how lovely her crochet is since I don't know Spanish. So, I'll just send good vibes. :)

    Sue, I love how you placed these squares with gorgeous flowers. Some GORGEOUS petunias there.

  2. She always makes a great choice of colours. These squares look beautiful with your flowers!

  3. Dear Sue,
    I really love your garden!!

  4. Sue, Your grass looks much greener than mine. You must have more rainfall where you are - ours is so dry and brown here. At least I haven't had to cut it for a few weeks! (I think I'm the only female I know who cuts the grass in our household - in everyone else's lives it seems to be the man's job, I don't know why.) You have a pretty garden and patio but what's in your box???

  5. I certainly love your garden en the beautiful flowers. Very colorful, love it.
    Have a lovely Sunday, thanks for visiting my blog


  6. Dear Sue,
    Your garden is great, I saw the photos on Flickr too.
    Nicely chosen colours those of Cosetespetites' squares! I am sure you will combine them in a good way too.
    I am absolutely honoured you liked my post about SIBOL on A Little Green Valley. That post was made for you so I am really happy for you my dear friend.

  7. Hi Sue, your garden is looking really lovely and all of those hanging baskets - beautiful. I love Cosetespetites's squares too - little gems those! Great post Kim xx

  8. I love the geraniums, so simple yet so pretty and even better - tough as nails. So under-rated these wonderful little flowers
    Looks like a great place to relax and crochet with a cuppa and cake ☺

  9. Sue - thank you, thank you, thank you for my lovely thank you card that arrived this morning. It was so unexpected and a lovely surprise, along with the letter that came with it!

  10. Hi Sue - I really love the Cosetespetites' squares and gernaniums "arrangement" in your garden. They make me smile!!!!


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