Friday, 16 July 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 18!

Hi Everyone!

I'm late posting I've been ever so busy on SIBOL.  I'm going to show you some photos that I have taken of my latest Blanket. It's the third of the Flower Blankets and I've had such beautiful Squares from all my Friends in Blogland and Flickville!  So thanks everyone!

Ta - Dah! SIBOL No.18! Thank you to everyone that has contributed Squares! I am truly grateful!

Out into the Garden we go again! In between rain......>

If you see your Square 'Please Add note!'.

Yes it would make a nice tablecloth! .....>


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Hi Sue: I am really impressed with this one. The pink is outstanding with all of the other colors. Great job Sue!

  3. I am loving the way you are combining all our differences so cohesively - blending them to work together - wonderful

  4. Sue, love the pink, as always lovely, so pretty, any lady would be so proud to own this.

  5. Just noticed the butterflies. Time for glasses maybe. Lovely Sue!!!

  6. Yes, any lady would love this. I love all your blankets. I feel the love, that you put in. =)

  7. Oh Sue! It is so yummy! I think this one is my favourite so far! Well done you! x

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments much appreciated!
    Hugs and love Suex

  9. Sue! another stunner, so very well done. Been absent again a little explanation on my blog - bit fed up really - never mind. I am going to set myself a target to make some man squares for SIBOL and see how the hands get on - had a little trial this weekend - still quite sore.xx

  10. WOW.... you are just popping these babies out. I love all the fun colors here with the red border. Garden pots are looking great.

    Off to see what else I've missed while gone.


  11. Wow, it's lovely Sue! Well done.

    Thanks for the message on my blog, yes I have been a bit quiet recently, I'm ok thanks, just been busy with other things,family, graduations etc and then there was a death in the family at the weekend. Normal service probably won't be resumed for a few weeks yet. Especially with all the catching up I've got to do on Flickr and everyone's blogs.
    Take care,

    Jenny x


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