Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tuesday's News a Ta - Dah SIBOL No. 17 and Australian Squares!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good week.

I'm ever so excited today because a Blanket is finished! I've also got some really nice Squares to show you from Australia. LT81/Lauren.

If you visit SIBOL, you know we have Challenges over there. The Challenges just spur us on, give us ideas on what Squares to make. It is such fun. I do hope you will pay a visit if you haven't been over there. Details of all our Challenges are on the Side Bar.

We are collecting Squares for 'Men's Blankets'. We always think of Women in Nursing Homes but of course there are Men! We thought it would be nice to actually make some Darker Coloured Blankets for Men. So.... we have Challenges coming up for Men. Now we need Darker Colours. You know the Burgundys, Navys, Greens, Browns etc., and ....'Black and Whites!' which would also be okay to use. So please join us it's great fun.

The Deadline for the 'Men's Squares' (Darker Colours) is 31st August
The Deadline for the 'Black and White' Squares is 30th September.

Let's see what we come up with.

LT81/Lauren has sent me some gorgeous Squares all the way from Australia. Thank you Lauren. Her Squares are just so lovely, I'm sure you will want to take a look. She has made some in 'Black and White' then other colours suitable for the 'Men's Blankets'. I really appreciate your help Lauren. If you'd like pattern details please visit Lauren's Flickr site. If you click on the Square you will find information.

Would you like to see Lauren's Slide Show? I thought so here we go....

I'm also very excited because I have been making a Blanket in between the Flower ones. I do run out of wool on occcasions and when it's Saturday night or Sunday when the shops are closed, what does a girl do? Start something else I always think, don't let the time go to waste.

I have had Lunas' Squares for some months. Luna very kindly sent me some white Squares. Some had Flowers on which I am using in the Flower Blankets and the others had coloured centres. These had been waiting for hopefully other white ones to arrive. Well I'm really pleased because Nettie and her Mother very kindly sent me some white ones too. Then with one from Molly which was brightly coloured I thought I could put them altogether and make a white Blanket. I used one of my Squares too. I'm really pleased how the Blanket has turned out.

Mia Self very kindly sent me a ball of white wool which she no longer needed and I used this to edge the Squares and do part of the border. I am most grateful to you all. Thank you.

Here's the Slide Show, sit back and enjoy.


  1. Oh that white-based blanket is really lovely.It looks great! Pretty little butterflies too! It was good to pop in!Ros

  2. I love the squares, they will look lovely together and the white blanket is stunning. Wow you are working so hard. Have you contacted your local telly news I bet they would do a story on what you (we ) are doing. Just a thought.

  3. Good Morning ! A package left to the UK. Ji,Ji,Ji ....!Left this morning ......!Hope get there soon. (?)


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