Thursday, 1 July 2010

~Flowers in My Garden~ and Squares from the UK.

Hi Everyone! Happy Thursday.....

Just thought I would show you Flowers in my Garden.  I am not really green-fingers at all, but I do like making my hanging baskets up every year along with my containers. I thought you might like to see them. The Garden Bell when I have something to show you I will, that's if they don't fail......

These Geraniums are in a stone trough we carted back from France a couple of years ago.  Yes, I know it was terribly heavy, but 'The Girl' just had to have it!

Every year I plant Petunias up in my Dad's old wheelbarrow.

Geraniums planted up in BrendaS2's stone container.

One of my Hanging Baskets planted up......

Baroca (I think it's spelt not sure, lasts longer than lobelia). Busy Lizzies.

You've seen these on my table before. I usually display our SIBOL Squares with them. Petunias, Geraniums.

One of my Chimney pots full of Geraniums, Baroca, Buzy Lizzies.

Remember your pot BrendaS2? One of my Butterfly pots Brenda very kindly gave me one year. Full of Petunias.

Another of my Hanging Baskets. Geraniums, Buzy Lizzies and Petunias. Still to come out yet!

Another Basket of mine on the top patio.

This is the other stone trough on the top patio.

Well there they are. They certainly make outside a lot brighter! The Garden Bell very kindly sent me some seeds a while back. I have planted them. They are taking so long to come up. But we are getting there, so please keep checking. Let's hope we have something lovely to show you.

Thanks for taking a walk around my Garden.

Now I have had some really lovely Squares come in to day from 'The Girl'. I do hope you will pop over to SIBOL and have a look at them. Also Karin has posted some beautiful 'Strawberries and Cream' Squares, so pop over and take  a look 'PLEASE!'.

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!


No time to stop, I have my nieces' Prom tonight. Please visit SIBOL because Margaret from the UK very kindly sent me some Squares today.
Margaret has very kindly sent me some SIBOL Squares before for our project and I'm most grateful, thank you.

Please pop over to SIBOL.
Have a good Weekend everyone!


  1. You have a pretty collection of colourful pots there. They take some watering in this hot weather don't they? I'm glad I put water retaining crystals in mine this year - it seems to help them stay moist.

  2. Great floral display. I love hanging baskets too.

  3. Hello! What a lot of lovely flowers you have Sue - they've actually cheered me up today as I'm feeling really blah so thank you!!!


  4. Oh your garden is looking beautiful, so full of colour and variation. Glad I cam for a wlak round this evening. Nice to see you. Have a great weekend. Ros

  5. Your flowers are just beautiful. Such a nice joyful trip arround your garden.

  6. Thanks Sue for the walk around your garden.
    Your flowers/plants are beautiful!!!

    ~X~ Karin

  7. UFFFFFFF I love the flowers ,my petunias already dry out because of the heat,I just cut them to see if they will come back in few weeks plus a lot of water .The heat in Texas is to much 100* and 103 * degrees ....ufffff to hot.Your garden is so cute and beautiful....Love it !!!!
    Squares are so cute.Keep it up !!!



  8. Thank goodness. I was really worried you weren't getting outside at all....he-he... Mine are taking their time too this year. Maybe, it's all the rain we had, but really slow.

    Such a beautiful garden and yard

  9. It's amazing how something so common, like Geraniums, can put on such a wonderful display and they are not hard work. So much better than the fuss-pot flowers/plants. I love the Geraniums against a background of white, so colourful

  10. Sue, what a lovely walk around your garden, you have some beautiful flowers, I really love the butterfly pot and the wheel barrow.

  11. I'm feeling all homesick again now....your garden looks so lovely and summery Sue,
    Louise x


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