Wednesday, 14 July 2010

News about my spin-off blog.

Hi Everyone!

It's so nice to be popping in to 'Mrs Twins' to say hello to you all.
I'm sorry I've been a little quiet on here, I haven't had much to say....

I'd just like you all to know that SIBOL - my spin-off blog for the 'Sunshine Blankets' has
been ever so busy these last few days, and I'm really just telling you that we have some new
team bloggers over there and they have been writing posts for us all. It's been such a pleasure to
welcome them and I'll look forward to future posts. Please go back posts because there is a lot
to read. So Welcome Sabiha, Manda and 'The Girl'.

Also I listed our Challenges on 8th July. I do hope you will pop over and see if you fancy having
a go at anything.

Marion has made the most beautiful 'Strawberry and Cream' Squares too. She's had loads of comments
on Flickr so I hope you will pop over and look at her Slide Show too.

It's a pretty miserable day here in the UK. It's gone quiet cooler the last few days. Is our Summer over now? I wonder......

Thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to welcome my new Followers too!


  1. Hi Sue, I am so glad SIBOL is going so well for you. I wondered if you were OK - so glad you are. I am DYING to get back to hooking, I tried a couple of rows at the weekend but no good I'm afraid- I feel rather fed up about it all. I am so glad you are ok

    Love Kim x

  2. Hi Sue! Stopping by to catch up on your busy summer. It is such fun to watch the crochet videos scroll by with their ever ending variety of wonderful yarn colors. I particularly liked the strawberry blocks! The post on your yard I truly enjoyed. It seems the flowers in England grow so lushly. Flowers in your father's wheelbarrow is just perfect. I would love to see photos of your mother's purple garden. Congratulations again on your wonderful Sibol project. Also, thanks for your comment on my photo post. Very liberating I must say! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

  3. Hi Sue,
    Another fantastic blanket!!! I really like this red/strawberry border. I'd like to see the face of happiness of his/her owner...
    Kisses and go on!


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