Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Why not make a Shawl?

Good afternoon and welcome!

May I first of all welcome new Ladies who have come through UK Hand Knitting. I've had a great deal of interest over the last few days and it's lovely to be able to say hello to you. Charity Knitting really does appeal to a lot of people I know and if you are visiting our Blog today I can assure you that everything you make for the 'SIBOL' project is hand delivered by myself or one of the other Ladies in the Group. Our Sunshine Blankets and Shawls are always very much appreciated in the Care Homes I visit and they certainly do make a lot of difference to an Elderly person. Very often or not they do not have many visitors and knowing that someone has sat down and made them a special
gift really does make their day as you can imagine.

If you would like further information about sizes and what we need please do pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES.

I would like to thank Alison today for a really pretty Shawl. Not only has Alison made a Shawl she has also made some fantastic Butterflies. I just love this Shawl and  I'm pleased you have joined us Alison.

Alison H thank you for the Shawl and Butterflies.


I've added one of your Butterflies to uomalley's Shawl too it looks perfect.

Una thank you for the Shawl.

uomalley thank you for your Shawl received this morning. I'm so pleased you liked working with the pattern. If you want to read more about the making of this Shawl please pop over to her Blog here's the LINK. I'm really pleased you enjoyed making it. Thank you.

Next we have 'Club Sandwich'. It has been sent in by Annie who runs a Crochet Club at her school. The children have completed a Blanket for us. What a fantastic idea. Please thank all the Children for a superb Granny Square Blanket. I will certainly pass it on to a local Care Home. Thank you too for organising this for us.

1057 'Club Sandwich' - Thank you to the 'Crochet Club'.

Crochet Club thank you

I am going to be taking these Shawls out very soon. I think I have enough to go back to my local Care Home who are waiting for them.

I will need a few more Sunshine Blankets before I can take Blankets out.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me please feel free to mail me.
I'm Sue on

Thank you all!

x Sue x 

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