Sunday, 3 May 2015

What's new today?

Good afternoon,
I would like to thank Sally60 for the Sunshine Blanket below. She has very kindly sent it to BigBlue so that she can deliver it to one of her local Care Homes. I am very grateful to you indeed. It is such a pretty Blanket made with really lovely colours. This is on behalf of 'SIBOL'.

BigBlue has very kindly assembled the following Sunshine Blankets. This one is called 'Sea Breeze'.
The Squares are really interesting. I love the centre flower Square too.
Gorgeous colours and a great name. Thank you.

This one has been made and donated by joyce28. It is called 'Twisted Lime'. So Tangy!

Next we have 'Autumn Glow'. Great colour combinations.

Such lovely Blankets thanks everyone!

 x Sue x

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