Monday, 25 May 2015

Can you help us?

Good evening to you!

The 'SIBOL' Group  have been making 'Sunshine Blankets' for Residents in Care Homes since January 2010. In total we have made and distributed 1059 which is an amazing achievement. Ladies all over the world have sent Squares and Blankets to me to help people in the UK and from time to time I think it's good to help others.

One of our SIBOLETTE'S 'theemuts' in Belgium was so inspired by the 'SIBOL' project that she picked up her hook after 20 years to help us. She donated many Squares and Blankets and recently she thought it would be a great idea to make special Blankets for Zorghuis Oostende which is a small home located in Belgium where single cancer patients can stay and are taken care of during their chemotherapy. 

She invited Ladies world-wide to send her 6" Squares. You can read on her RAVELRY page here's the LINK.

With a great response she has assembled and delivered Blankets to the Home and they have been over the moon to receive them. So a big thank you to anyone who has helped her.

We still  require:

6" Squares
Acrylic yarn
Any Design
Made in any colours you like
Crocheted or Knitted

All Squares must be sent to 'theemuts' on RAVELRY but not to me at 'SIBOL HQ'.

Her LINK to RAVELRY is here
Please send her a message for her address

and a Big thank you I do hope you will make a Square.

x Sue x

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