Thursday, 7 May 2015

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Good Afternoon,

I must show you this stunning Sunshine Blanket made by 'Dulcatis' over on RAVELRY.
She has made the Blanket on behalf of 'SIBOL' and is organising delivery herself to a  Care Home near to where she lives. This will save on postage and it's nice to know that our Sunshine Blankets will be used further afield. This one is called 'Eton Mess' and it's definitely not a 'mess' at all!

Eton Mess

I love everything about this Blanket thanks so much Dulcatis.
Her RAV page is here follow the LINK.

There are a number of Ladies collecting Squares over on our SIBOL RAV Group
for very worthwhile causes in the  States, Belgium and the UK. 
Why not pop over to our SIBOL Group.

Please note I prefer made up Blankets myself it saves me a lot of time as I have the admin work to do.
But if you have Squares please contact me maybe I can point you in the right direction.

Please  contact me by email
I'm Sue on

Thanks so much

 x Sue x 

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