Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pretty Challenge Squares.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to SIBOL today!  I am very happy to be showing you some lovely Challenge Squares they have arrived from jessiebonbon over on RAVELRY. Let's take a look at them.

First we have some Daffodil Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge.

'Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge'.

Aren't these cute? I love them and will be very useful for our Blankets to Marie Curie.

Next we have two Underwater Challenge Squares.

Two Squares for our 'Underwater Challenge'. Thank you!

A Shamrock Square for our 'Leaves Challenge' - how brilliant!

'Leaves Challenge'

Here we have a 'War Medal' for our 'War Challenge'. 

'War Challenge' - War Medal a great idea thank you!

These ideas are really good jessiebonbon.  Thank you too for the 'SIBOL' Butterflies and Ribbon
which will be extremely useful too!

Butterflies and Ribbon for our Stash, many thanks!

jessiebonbon (RAV) (UK) Thank you!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed making them. 
Thank you!

x Sue x

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