Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Our Owl Challenge is finished!

Good Morning and Welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

I am very pleased to be showing you 'Twit-Twoo!' - Owl Challenge.

I am very grateful for all of the Squares that I have received for this particular Blanket.  The Owls that have flown in from all corners of the World are absolutely beautiful. Our friends in the States, Europe and the UK have once again used their creativity to make these wonderful Squares.  That's what I like about SIBOL - It's a place to show our creativity off. We work very hard for the Elderly making these 'unique Sunshine Blankets' and I know they are all so well received but it's also the fun that we have putting them together. Sharing ideas, showing photos of what we have achieved and most importantly the friendship that we share amongst ourselves.  I always welcome new members to our Group too, so please don't be shy pop over on the link at the top of the page. We really want lots of new members to join us, so that when we start our Challenges very soon we will have lots of new friends to share the fun.

I particularly like the 'picture Square' Sunshine Blankets. Yes it is interesting to see what we can come up with, but the Elderly in the Homes really enjoy receiving them too. It's a talking point for them. Last Christmas I delivered around 20 picture Square Blankets to a Home in Olton near to where I live. Each one of the Residents received one on Christmas Day. Can you imagine what they spoke about all day long? Yes our Blankets. They  really are beautiful when finished.

I have two Challenge Blankets left now, the Musical and Irish Rose. I hope to get these finished 'very soon!'.

Let's take a look at our cute Owls now!

Thanks everyone for sending them across the miles!

Thanks everyone for these amazing Squares!

I hope you like it, thanks everyone!
x Sue

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