Tuesday, 30 October 2012

'Fireworks Surprise!'.

Good Afternoon,

First of all I hope our friends in the States are keeping safe. Our thoughts are with you all from your friends here in the UK and other parts of the World.
I couldn't wait to come out and play today I have a beautiful blanket to show you. Good job those chores are done now so I can spend time with my 'beloved SIBOL!'.
A big thank you goes out today to 'jenn1feranne' over on RAVELRY. In the post this morning I have received 'a work of art'. jenn1feranne' has made a blanket called 'Fireworks Surprise!'. The blanket you are about to see is full of 'colour explosion'. The first thing I thought of without even reading the card was 'Fireworks!'.  The colour pops out at you.

The pattern is found on RAVELRY as a free download so why not pop over and have a look at it. It is actually called 'Firework Surprise' and it has been designed by Amy Schwab who lives in Canada.

'jenn1feranne' has had a few projects on the go at the same time I add. I really don't know how she finds the time to contribute to SIBOL and make her own personal projects. If you want to see her beautiful work then please pop over to her RAVELRY page.
I know I'm keeping you waiting sorry!!!!  Here we go.

May I introduce to you 'SIBOL 302' - 'Fireworks Surprise!'

This blanket was made and donated by 'jenn1feranne' (RAV). Thank you so much! It's absolutely gorgeous!

The blanket was started with scaps of yarn 'jenn1feranne' told me. I love the colours in this blanket. I was trying to pick out my favourite square earlier, but that's impossible they are all so wonderful.

Mr. Twins said this morning when this blanket arrived. 'It's really nice to receive the squares but when someone has sat down and made a whole blanket it's really so....kind!' I totally agree with him. He takes as much interest in SIBOL as I do now! I really don't know how you have made this blanket because I know you have other personal projects on the go too. Your hook must be smoking!!

I have made a Slide Show for you now. Have you a cup of tea ready 'jenn1feranne?' Sit back now and view your amazing work. Thank you so much. One Elderly person is going to be absolutely over the moon  receiving this beautiful blanket and it is so warm too.  I love it!

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!

x Sue x

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