Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gypsy Bloom and Marion's Garden.

Good Morning,

A busy morning taking photos today.  I have two new 'Sunshine Blankets' arriving at 'Two Times' today. They have been made up by 'The Wool Stop'.
I would like to thank everyone for sending in the Squares for these Blankets.
First of all we have 'Marion's Garden'. 'jean nock' very kindly sent in the Squares for this pretty Blanket. I know you will love it!


The Flower Squares are superb 'jean nock' thank you!

Then we have 'Gypsy Bloom'. These Granny Squares are just so pretty also!
Thanks to 'Jean' for the Squares.

Thanks to 'The Wool Stop' for making up. Thanks everyone for the Squares!

I think the pink yarn really shows these Squares off well. Do you like them? I hope so!
Let's take a look closer now in the Slide Show I have made for you.

The Wool Stop - Thank you!

What pretty Roses too to compliment our 'Sunshine Blankets!' Thank you! 'The Wool Stop' your work is so lovely!

Thank you so much 'The Wool Stop' for assembling these Blankets so nicely. I love them.
Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x

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