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Stunning Blankets from The Netherlands to show you!

Hello everyone!

Our dear 'SIBOLETTE' Fiona in The Netherlands has been hooking away for 'SIBOL'. She has made these stunning Blankets and donated them for our Elderly folk here in the UK.

265. 'Carp Diem' made by Fiona.

This one is called 'Carp Diem'. She made it on her holiday in France, just living an easy way of life, enjoying the sun, her family and nature.
This is made with odd bits and ends of yarn, just picking it of a bag.




This Blanket has been made so well, the Granny Squares are so interesting made with a variety of beautiful colours. Has Fiona inspired you to make a Blanket like this?  Well I have plenty more of Fiona's Blankets to show you!
This is going to be a!

The next Blanket that Fiona very kindly made and donated to our 'SIBOL' project is called 'Colour Book'. Fiona used lots of odd bits of yarn that she had at home for this stunning Blanket.  She made this Blanket  like a book full of colour.  She has a bag full of left over yarn which she cannot throw away so she made the Blanket for 'SIBOL'. She hopes it brings a lot of sunshine into an Elderly person's life.

Fiona I am positive it will. Fiona I know our 'SIBOL' project means a lot to you by the amount of Blankets you have made for us. I can never thank you enough.

266. 'Colour Book' made and donated by Fiona.

A stunning vibrant Blanket! Thank you so much!

I love the centre Granny Square in this Blanket with the smaller ones around it. You have used every colour in your box I can see. It surely is a stunning Blanket.

I love the idea of the Granny Square in the middle and smaller ones around it.

This really is beautiful thank you!

That one is called 'Colour Book'. I'm sure you will agree it's a gorgeous Blanket.
The final Blanket that Fiona made and 'donated' herself is called 'Ocean Wave'. She says, "It looks like the waves on the beach, different colours and texture you get from the Ocean." It certainly does have a Sea feel to it Fiona. Let's take a look now.

267 'Ocean Wave' made and donated by Fiona.

This is a beautiful Granny Blanket and especially because it reminds Fiona of the Ocean.

Can you see the beautiful Heart and Butterflies attached to this Blanket?

Can you see the beautiful Heart and Butterflies attached to this Blanket? I love the Hearts too Fiona, thank you for adding them.

Such a striking Blanket Fiona, thank you!

Absolutely superb!

Golly these are beautiful Blankets don't you think? I can't get over how quickly you have made them Fiona, thank you.

But it doesn't end there......Fiona very kindly offered to make up one of the 'Take a Bags!'.  These Squares were sent to me and Fiona has very kindly assembled them for me. This one does not have a name as yet. But nevertheless it's another beautiful Blanket.  I would like to thank everyone who sent in Squares for this particular 'SIBOL' Blanket.

Great colour combinations in this one they all go together so......well once again!

267 'Names Please? Assembled by Fiona (Netherlands) thank you!

Thanks to everyone who contributed Squares for this Blanket. Gorgeous!

Such another wonderful Blanket!


Close up of 'SIBOLETTES' Squares!

Thank you all very much indeed!

I told you it was lovely!
Fiona once again you have really made such a wonderful contribution to 'SIBOL'. I can never thank you enough for everything that you have enclosed in your parcel. The most important thing is that you are enjoying our 'SIBOL' Group. 'SIBOL' is somewhere where you can show your 'creative skills and also do some really worthwhile Charity work.

Thank you so much. I am sorry this was a long post but I did really want to put all Fiona's Blankets on to the same post today!

I have plenty to show you over the next few days. I have a pile of Blankets here which are new, so please pop in again!
Don't forget we are collecting Squares to make Blankets for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Do you want to make a 6" (15cms)  Knitted or Crocheted Square with Daffodils as the theme?  Make a Daffodil Square and send it to me we are hoping to send 9 Blankets to the 9 Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospices here in the UK.

I have a great tutorial from Debi over at Hooks & Yarn. She has very kindly written down the instructions for a beautiful Daffodil Square.

I also have a link over to Luna in the States  she also has very kindly written us out a pattern for a Daffodil Square. Why not try the two links? Say hello to these two talented Ladies!

We need Daffodils, Daffodils and more Daffodils! Let's try and meet this wonderful Challenge.

If there are any questions about our Blankets please mail me.

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Or.....Join our Ravelry Group!

Thanks for visiting this evening and I hope we have inspired you!
x Sue x

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