Wednesday, 5 September 2012

More beauties!!

Good evening everyone!

257. Assembled by 'insearchofme' Thank you so much!

I am very pleased to be showing you the latest two blankets received in to 'SIBOL HQ'.  I have had some help from 'insearchofme' on the MSE Knitting Forum. She very kindly assembled two bags of Knitted squares for me and I'm sure you will love them. Assembled beautifullly, Butterflies and Flowers added, superb work. I love the colours in these two blankets.

Our Elderly folk are going to be so....lucky this winter with these wonderful blankets. 

Thanks to everyone that supports my 'SIBOL' project.
I'll leave you with the two blankets and just a little 'yarnbombing in my garden!'.

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x Sue x

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  1. Hi Sue
    Been a while since I dropped by - my, how do you keep going with all this lovely work AND have time to yarn bomb your garden?? It's so nice to think how cosy all these blankets will keep the elderly this winter. Looks like summer's not completely gone just yet, though!


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