Sunday, 30 September 2012

Beautiful Blankets to show you!

Hi everyone!

I would like to thank 'jean nock' for her parcel yesterday. Inside I found a Blanket that she has very kindly assembled for me and also one that she had made herself. These two Blankets are gorgeous. So...pretty! Let's take a look at the one she has made herself and very kindly donated to 'SIBOL'.

A beautiful Blanket, gorgeous Flower Squares.

The colour combinations in this Blanket work so well together, don't you think? Lovely Flower Squares in the centre. It's terribly kind of you 'jean nock' to donate this gorgeous Blanket to the Elderly. Thank you.

Now I'll show you the 'take a bag' Squares. These have all been made in super pastel colours, beautifully assembled and I think the border goes so well together.

Thanks to 'jean nock' for assembling. Thanks everyone for sending in such pretty Squares!

Once again we are gathering together a great selection of Blankets which we donate to the Elderly. They are so pretty and I know for a fact each one is so well received. Thanks to everyone who sent in Squares for the second Blanket, I am terribly grateful to you all.

I'm going to combine the two Blankets in a Slide Show now for you!

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