Thursday, 15 September 2011

Our 90th Ta - Dah!

Of course our 'SIBOL' Butterflies.

Hi Everyone!

May I thank everyone who has taken part in our 'Tropical Challenge'. The Squares have been amazing and I have enjoyed assembling each one.  I have today finished the second of these Blankets. It indeed has been a wonderful theme to work on. Your ideas which turned into beautiful Squares are just so fantastic!

May I show you now the second of these Blankets?

I would like a name for this one please!

A great afternoon for photos!

Do you like it? Let's see more now.

Ten more to go, before we hit the 100th!

Stay tuned!

Have a lovely evening and thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!

x Sue x


  1. great happy about Tropical Punch!!!

  2. Hello, Sue,
    gratulation, it's soooooo wonderful, very beautiful colors!!
    All the best, have a nice weekend
    hugs Crissi


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