Monday, 12 September 2011

Flowers and Butterflies make up SIBOL 89!

'Thanks to bonsall (UK) and Laura (Netherlands) for the most beautiful Squares!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Flowers and Butterflies make up this 89th 'Sunshine Blanket' with many thanks to bonsall (UK) and Laura (Netherlands).  I decided to put the two sets of Squares together because they both had green backgrounds and I thought they would go well together. I am really pleased how this Blanket has turned out.

I was saying over on 'SIBOL' that the edging took me ages! It simply is a chain of 24 but it was neverending! I would do a little each day and that's why it's taken me a while. But I'm so pleased how this one has turned out. Another favourite of mine, But as I say everytime 'I love them all!'.

Thanks bonsall and Laura I am most grateful to you for the prettiest of Squares!

I wish my Garden was full of beautiful Flowers!

Here's our 89th Slide Show!

I wish my garden looked like this! It's pretty bare now.

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!


  1. Dear Sue,
    I have already written to you how wonderful this has become Granny blanket and soon you have 100 blankets ready, you're a busy bee.
    I wish you a nice evening and I send you warm regards from Germany, Crissi

  2. I like this one too - very pretty. The fringe is a perfect border - looks like grass. :)

  3. Seriously, these are getting way to fancy. Un-frign-believe-able. Great new music by the way.


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