Saturday, 10 September 2011

50 Squares, two Ta - Dah's!

Two new 'SIBOLS!'.

Hi Everyone!

Well another 50 Squares have been made up, the numbers are adding up. It will soon be our 100th Sunshine Blanket and I am so...excited!

I would like to thank 'Jean Nock' very much indeed for assembling 'SIBOL 87' (Right)  for me. I'm sure you will agree she has made a wonderful job. I am most grateful to you and indeed to everyone who has contributed Squares for this particular Blanket. This Blanket comes under our 'Mens' Department. :)

Great work thank you 'Jean Nock' for assembling this one.

The second Blanket was a total shock and surprise!  I received a parcel a few days ago from 'joyce28' and on opening I thought joyce28 had  just been so busy making Squares for SIBOL.  Little did I know inside there was a Blanket! I was so surprised!

joyce28 has very kindly been busy making Squares from the 'Knit Today' magazine. They actually did a full page spread of Crocheted patterns called 'Simple Squares' and they suggested they send to 'SIBOL'. Well I thought it would be a good idea to make a Blanket up from Squares.  But I didn't know joyce28 was secretly making her own Blanket to send too!  I'm absolutely over the moon with the Blanket and I really appreciate your kindness joyce28.

If you would like to make a Square for the second 'Knit Today' Blanket please email me Sue on

I'm sure you will want to see now.

An Elderly person is going to love this Blanket.

What lovely Blankets thanks to everyone!

x Sue x+


  1. Hello Sue,
    they are so beautiful, very pretty!
    I wish you nice Sunday
    all the best

  2. Great looking blankets Sue. :)

  3. Liebe Sue,
    es sind wieder wundervolle Decken,
    bei dir, dazu gekommen!^^
    Ich grüße dich ganz lieb, *Manja* ;O))

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