Wednesday, 4 November 2015

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Good afternoon,

I've been out all day today and when I got back  I had three lots of parcels on my Lounge floor that Mr. T had bought in from the Postman. What a busy afternoon I've had! I didn't acknowledge the senders straight away as I wanted to get the photos taken before the light went on me. So I'm sorry about that.

Well what wonderful Sunshine Blankets we have had arrive today! First of all we have had 'Snowy Sky' made and donated by uomalley. Here's the LINK to her Blog. She tells you all about the Blanket. This one is ideal for a Man in a home I'm sure.

Thank you so much for your kind words uomalley they are very much appreciated.

I've had fun decorating the Sunshine Blanket with Ribbon and a Butterfly.

1169 'Snowy Sky' made and donated by Una. Thank you.


Your donation of Ribbon was very much appreciated too thank you!

Ribbon from u o malley thank you

Next we have three Sunshine Blankets from Liz D.
Such colourful Sunshine Blankets Liz, great sizes and these are certainly going to bring some smiles to the Residents. Nothing like the good ol' Granny Square!  Your work is so neat and such a pleasure to receive so thank you very much indeed.

1170 Thank you Liz D. A beautiful Sunshine Blanket.

1171 Thank you Liz D.


Liz has made the most beautiful Knitted Butterflies. She has attached them to the Blankets and they look a treat. Thank you for doing this for me it saves a lot of time.


Next we have Jacqueline's Sunshine Blankets. Wait till you see what' coming up!  You must have spent many hours making them Jacqueline  and very kind of you to donate them to our project.

Let's take a look now.


Yes I know these Squares are out of this world aren't they?
All so different and very colourful. How interesting. 

This Blanket will fit  a single bed and will certainly cheer up someone's room.
I just love it!

Then we have two more from Jacqueline.



You certainly have a way with colours! Ideal sizes perfect for sitting in armchairs or wheelchairs.

1175, 1174, 1173 Thanks Jacqueline.

They also look pretty decorated up with Butterflies and Ribbon.
The Squares are amazing! Thank you Jacqueline.

I am so grateful to you all for these wonderful donations.

I do realise how much time goes in to the making of Blankets and I'm honoured
that you feel our project is worthy of your time.

So a big thank you.

May I remind you that all Sunshine Blankets and Shawls
do need to be sent to me by the end of November please.
This will give me plenty of time to take them to a Home. 

Thank you all so much.

x Sue  x

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