Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday's post today.

Good evening,

May I thank Julie today for two beautiful Granny Square Blankets for SIBOL.
Both made in Granny Squares - 1 Large Granny Square and the other in smaller Squares.
Gorgeous colours and great sizes these are going to be perfect for Residents.
Thank you so much for all the time taken on these Blankets Julie you are very kind indeed.

1186 My favourite Square made by Julie thank you.


1185 One Large Granny made by Julie.

Next we have a Shawl from Liz T and a Sunshine Blanket too! It's called a 'Bit of Colour'.

1187 - Bit of Colour - made by Liz T thank you.


Thank you Liz - Virus Shawl/

Such pretty colours Liz and a great pattern for the Shawl.
Thank you so much!

x Sue x

P.S No more donations after end of November thank you for this year.

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