Friday, 27 November 2015

Fly for Peace.

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank Gabriella in (Italy) today for sending me a Blanket on behalf of her Mother Anna Maria. This Blanket is made in very pretty Granny Squares. They are so bright and cheerful and I know a Resident is going to be very pleased to receive it. It's a great size and very neat too.

I really appreciate you sending it all the way from Italy Gabriella and I love the Butterfly and Ribbon which you have attached. We are calling this Blanket 'Fly For Peace' as this Butterfly has made a special journey to me. Let's hope it will bring Peace across the world.

I will take the Blanket to a Home very soon and please thank your Mother for us. It's very kind of both of you.



My closing date for receiving Sunshine Blankets and Shawls is 30th November 2015. I will be accepting donations again 1st March 2016.

I have a few things going on at home next year I hope that's okay with you all.

Thank you.
I can be contacted on

x Sue x 

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  1. I think choosing when to receive donations is a brilliant idea. You have to concentrate on the rest of your life sometimes.


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