Saturday, 10 October 2015

Shawls and Blankets to show you today!

Good morning,

A very busy Saturday today.  May I thank Sally very much indeed for sending to me the three Shawls and Blanket which she has assembled for me.

1141 A Blanket of many colours - Irene/Carolyn thanks Sally for assembling.


Such a colourful Blanket I love the Squares mostly from Irene but some from Carolyn too.

Three Shawls - thanks Irene and Sally.

These Shawls have come out so well. Irene makes such fantastic Squares and she is nearly 93!
Isn't that amazing!

Sally you have made  wonderful job thank you so much.

Next we have two Sunshine Blankets from Linda.
I don't know how you crochet them so quickly!
A special Christmas Blanket for some one too!  You are so kind thank you.



I love the Pom Pom's what a nice idea!

Next we have pastels!



Great colours put together Linda thank you. You've made some wonderful Blankets for us lately thank you!

 x Sue x

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