Friday, 31 July 2015

What's new today?

Good afternoon to you all !

Today I have three new Sunshine Blankets to show you. The first made by Sally. This Blanket is going to be given to a Nursing Home near to where Sally lives but in our 'SIBOL' name. That's absolutely fine with me and I'm pleased that our Blankets can go further afield.

1092 - Sally thank you.

sally one

Such a pretty Sunshine Blanket this is really going to cheer someone up!
Thank you Sally.

Next we have two Sunshine Blankets made by Lisa and Ladies of the 'SIBOL' Group.Lisa  is very kindly putting Squares together and donating the Blankets near to where she lives. Once again I'm so pleased that Ladies and Gents in other areas are benefiting from our work.

'Cotton Candy'

1091 - 'Cotton Candy' - Lisa and Ladies.

and 'Claret Jug'

1090 'Claret Jug' - Lisa and Ladies .

The Squares are so interesting aren't they and Lisa has made a great job of putting them together.

We have now reached 1092 Sunshine Blankets!

Thanks to everyone that supports our project.

For all details please follow this LINK

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