Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday's Sunshine Blankets.

Good evening and welcome!

I am very pleased to be showing you three gorgeous Sunshine Blankets arriving from Lisa today.
All made beautifully and are going to be so welcome in the Homes. They certainly are going to bring some smiles to the faces of the Residents.

Lisa said in her email that  she enjoyed making them and is glad they'll be 
useful. She  used a pattern and colour pack from Attic 24.

Here are the details of Lucy's website. Here's the LINK.

So all credit to Lucy for the colour selection!

Thank you for the Butterflies too Lisa they are so...pretty!

You are very kind for donating them to 'SIBOL'.


1086. Thanks Lisa.

1085. Thanks Lisa.

1084. Thank you Lisa.

I also had two more Sunshine Blankets arriving from Sally today.
Once again such wonderful colour combinations, perfect in every way Sally.
Thank you so much.




All of our Sunshine Blankets look so pretty decorated with 'SIBOL' Butterflies
and Ribbons to tie them up.

What lovely Gifts for the Residents?

Thank you both very much indeed.

x Sue x

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