Wednesday, 15 July 2015

What's new today?

Good evening to you! Welcome!

I am very pleased to be showing you a beautiful Sunshine Blanket called 'The Snow Mink'. It was made by Dulcatis over on RAVELRY and she is very kindly donating this Blanket to a Home near to where she lives. This is a superb Blanket and I know it's going to be very well received by one lucky person. Dulcatis tells me this one took a little longer than the other ones she has made but I know it's
been worth it. It is so...pretty!

Let's take a look now I can't wait to show you.

The Snow Mink 1

A Butterfly added too can you spot it?

Thank you so much Dulcatis.

Next we have 5 Sunshine Blankets from Gill K.
I am amazed at how quickly she puts her Blankets together.
Her hook must be permanently smoking!

Such beautiful Blankets. Great sizes, lovely designs
thank you so much Gill.

Thank  you Gll x






Thank you so much Gill. I love all of your Blankets!

x Sue x 

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