Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Pretty Sunshine Granny Squares to show you.

Good afternoon and welcome!

I am very pleased to be showing you two Squares for our special 1,000th Blanket that have arrived over the last few days. They are so pretty I love them. Let's take a look at them now. The first one has arrived from 'theemuts' over in Belgium.

Thanks 'theemuts' the Sunshine Granny Square.

The Square is called 'The Sunshine Granny' Square and it is designed by 'theemuts'. If you would like more information about the the Square please follow the LINK. 
Thank you 'theemuts' for allowing us the pattern.

The second now from 'jessiebonbon' here in the UK.

Thanks 'jessiebonbon' for the Sunshine Granny Square.

Some pretty Butterflies too how lovely! Thank you.

'jessiebonbon' has very kindly made a Sunshine Blanket  too for our SIBOL project. Made  in such interesting Squares and a great combination of colours this really is a beautiful piece of work.

964 Thanks 'jessiebonbon'.


For any enquiries please contact me on

I'm Sue

Thank you.




I would like to say a big thank  you to Gill this afternoon because when I came back in this afternoon after shopping I found a parcel in my porch from Hermes. I have to say I am finding their delivery service very quick at the moment. I took in a parcel lunchtime  Monday to my local pick up point and my friend received it Tuesday lunchtime so you can't complain with that.

Gill has very kindly made and donated three fantastic Blankets. I'm sure you will agree they really are beautiful. Butterflies sewn on too which really saves me work. Thank you so much Gill the Homes are going to love them once  again.  Your hook must be smoking!

Let's take a look now.

Superb and each one so different. Many thanks to you.

x Sue x

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