Thursday, 26 February 2015

Do you like Crocheting Squares?

Good morning,

A wet one here in the UK today!

As you know I no longer accept Crocheted Squares but there are a number of Ladies in the 'SIBOL' RAVELRY Group that are asking for help. So if you feel you would like to make  one or two Squares please follow the LINKS.

There is never any pressure to make Squares  I know postage is a real problem for many these days. But if you feel you want to you are most welcome.

I will now list the various projects on the go.

YarnballKiki - (Hudson Falls, New York) - Here's her LINK.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out by sending squares to make lapghans for a nursing home. I’m part of a nursing home ministry at my church and they are in great need of a lapghan. You can use whatever yarn you have. Five rounds or six is good. Thank you so much if you can do this. Send me a message for my address.

‘theemuts’ (Belgium) - Here's her LINK.
She is Currently seeking for Zorghuis Oostende crocheted or knitted squares, socks/bedsocks, shawls and lapghans.
Zorghuis Oostende is a small home located in Belgium where single cancer patients can stay and are taken care of during their chemotherapy. Only 4 people maximum can stay at the same time, the staff is a doctor and 2 half time nurses - all others are volunteers
Items Needed by This is ongoing, I collect things year round and deliver each time I have a box ready with at least 4-5 lapghans.;
Requesting: crocheted or knitted squares of 15 cm (6 inch) or 20 cm (8 inch), socks, bedsocks, shawls, lapghans (34-40inch)
Requirements: Acrylic only please as they need to be washable. Colors suitable for adult men and women , no black please as black is associated with dead here.
Submit Items to Me. Please PM me for the address. 
I’m in Europe, Belgium
‘SIBOL’ inspired ‘theemuts’ to pick up her hook after 20 years and over the years she has donated many Squares and Blankets to us. I think it’s time we help her now. Why not crochet your favourite Square and put it in the post to her so that she can help others.

Big Blue- (UK) -Here's her LINK
Has decided to take the plunge and take some blankets and shawls to homes near to her Home to cut down 
on postage costs, but she would still like them to be from Sibol with butterflies and everything.
She would like to know whether any one would like to make Squares for her so that she can get them out quicker to Homes by her.

6" Crocheted Squares in Acrylic are needed. Thank you.

Thank you so much!

x Sue x 

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