Friday, 20 February 2015

Delivery Day!

Good Morning and welcome!

I am  very pleased to be telling you that over the last few days I have been getting our Sunshine Blankets ready for delivery.

20 Sunshine Blankets to be delivered to St. Georges Home for the Elderly 20/02/2015

Once again it is surprising how quickly our Blankets add up, we have 20 beauties here and they are ready to find them new home at St. George's  Home for the Elderly in  Shirley.

St. Georges Home for the Elderly.

I went along with pippa and her Husband this morning  and we were met by Magda who is in charge of the Home. I  first of all met Magda when I visted back in 2010 and it was nice to see her again.

Magda accepted our Blankets so well she absolutely loved them and wants me to thank everyone 
for making them for her Home. 

Delivery Day to St. Michael's Home for the Elderly. 20 Sunshine Blankets.

Magda (Left)
Me (Second Left)
Member of Staff
pippa (Right)

After we handed over the Blankets we went to see pippa's Mother who is a Resident of the Home. It was nice to see her  again and I was pleased to see  she had settled in  so well. 
We were invited to have tea and biscuits while talking to pippa's Mother and it was nice to see our Blankets from years ago still in  use around the room.

I would like to thank Magda and the Staff for making us so welcome and I have promised to go back and take some Shawls to her.

I'm always so proud of everyone that has made and donated Sunshine Blankets to our 'SIBOL' project. Thank you.

I would like to thank  pippa today for her Sunshine Granny Square for our special 1,000th Sunshine Blanket. I love it.

pippa thank you. 1,000th Square.

Before I go I would like to draw your attention to a video I came across.
'I wish!'

Here's the LINK.

x Sue x


I'm very pleased to be telling you also that I have now delivered Shawls, Bed Socks and
Warm Hats to St. George's. These were left over from Christmas Gifts. Please note that I am only accepting Sunshine Blankets and Shawls at the moment. 

Thank you.

Shawls for St. George's Home For the Elderly.

With thanks to Myrna. Knitted Items.

Thanks to modelwidow 'Axa Purls'

x Sue x 

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