Thursday, 21 November 2013

We're featured in Crafty magazine. Well done to you all!

Good Morning to you all and welcome!

We're featured in 'Crafty' magazine. Issue 8.

I'm just popping in to tell you that we are featured in 'Crafty' magazine this issue.
'Hedjogs' on RAVELRY has very kindly informed me this morning.

The magazine are offering a free 'Pink Flamingo' Crochet  Kit in Pink and Grey and they are inviting their readers to make the Crocheted Square and send it along to myself so that we can make a Blanket with them 
which will be donated to the Elderly.

This is your chance to try out a beautiful Square so please pop along to your local newsagents and pick up a copy.

Originally  I did say that we were putting a 'stop' on Squares and Blankets after the 30th November due to Christmas but because this article is in Crafty this issue I would like to tell you that we will be working as normal. If you are making Squares and Blankets I shall do my best to cope with them during the rest of November and December.  If you still want to wait until the New Year to send me a finished Blanket that's absolutely fine too. I know there are a few in the pipeline and some Ladies did say they would wait. So please do what ever is best for you.

Our Challenges will start again January time next year. So I shall be up-dating our Challenge Blog end of December. Here's the Link.

If you would like to join our Group on RAVELRY here's the Link. Everyone is welcome, please introduce yourself! We are a friendly, chatty Group and it will be lovely if you say hello.

All of our 'Sunshine Blankets' are displayed over on FLICKR. Here's the Link. This is my visual record of every single Square and Blanket made. There surely is a lot of 'eye-candy' over there!

As you can see by the Header photo  on SIBOL I have recently visited a local Home and you can read all about my visit by scrolling down older posts. Our Blankets are always so well received and especially now as the weather is getting colder. Lots of Elderly people do not have many visitors either and it is so nice that when they receive a 'Sunshine Blanket' they will know that someone maybe hundreds or thousands of miles away is thinking of them.

Squares and made up Blankets are welcomed and if you have any queries at all then please mail me
I'm Sue on

Thank you

Up-dated Lunchtime.

With thanks to Sally I have received a beautiful 'Sunshine Blanket' for an Elderly  Gent this morning.
It is made in a great colour combination and is just so warm.....Thank you so much for making this Blanket Sally. A complete surprise!

591 Sally has made and donated this beautiful 'Mans' Blanket today. Simply gorgeous thank you Sally.


Another one for our collection.

x Sue x 

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