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New Blankets to show you!

Good morning to you all!

It's always so lovely when I welcome new Ladies to our 'SIBOL' Group. Today I am welcoming 'Stacey'.
She has very kindly made and donated two fantastic Blankets for our Elderly.

The first Blanket I am going to show you  is  actually the first crochet item she has ever made and I think she has done a remarkable job of it too. She has named the Blanket 'Lilly the Pink'. Do you remember the song? These colours work so....well together and you have joined them beautifully. Let's take a look now.


Isn't it lovely?

Let's move on to 'Colourful Memories'.
The Squares in this Blanket were actually made by a Lady who sadly passed away and Stacey has very kindly assembled  them in to a Blanket and donated them to the Elderly for her. Isn't it nice to know that her Squares live on and will  give comfort to someone else.  I'm sure she would be so pleased. The Blanket as you can see is much larger but this will be ideal for someone's bed. The Homes are always so very grateful for our Blankets and I  have been told before that they can be used on the beds when someone perhaps needs a little extra warmth maybe when they are not feeling too well. The Blanket is so colourful and actually reminds me of the Blankets that arrive from Spain from Sonieta and her Mummy.

Here's 'Colourful Memories'.


The Butterflies hanging on the Blankets were made by Stacey too.
Once you get the hang of them they are quite addictive. They are lovely thank you.

Would you like to try making  any for 'SIBOL?'
We are always in need of them.
Here's the Link to Netties Blog in Australia.

Stacey you are very kind. I know making Blankets take a lot of time and I really appreciate all the work you have put into them.

At the end of the post I am going to make a Slide Show for you . 
I hope you don't mind sharing this one with the Blanket that PurlyGalore has put together for us.

She has very kindly helped me assembling 25 of our Knitted and Crocheted Squares.

I am always grateful to anyone who offers to help me with my work load. I have to admit when I first started the project I was too 'proud' to ask for help. We had so many Squares come in the first two years that they started mounting up and this time last year we were busy clearing the decks so to speak ready for our Deliveries. This year they have been coming in steady but actually more Ladies are making their own Blankets to donate to the Group and this really really helps me. So if maybe you are making a lot of Squares would you  consider putting them together for us? This way our Blankets can be given to the Homes much quicker and of course it saves me on postage and  also to the person who assembled for me.

PurlyGalore has worked wonders with the Squares I sent to her. Some were Knitted and some Crocheted. A mixture .... and I did wonder what they would look like put together but I'm sure you will agree they have come together so .....well!

Green and Red look so nice together.

Here is it....


The Border really finishes the Blanket off so well. As PurlyGalore was finishing the Blanket she first of all thought it had a Mexican feel to it, then it looked more Russian after the edge was finished. On Flickr she named it 'From London with Love'  but we are going to put it out to the Ladies on RAVELRY first to see what they can think of. Naming our 'Sunshine Blankets' is always such a special part in finishing our Blankets off. 

Let's see what they come up with!
Thank you very much indeed PurlyGalore for helping me assemble these Squares and also to the Ladies who have made them for us. 

We certainly have some great Blankets to finish the year off.

If there is anything you would like to ask me about our Blankets please do not hesitate to mail me.
I'm Sue on

Here's the Slide Show I promised you.

Bye for now!

x Sue x
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