Friday, 1 November 2013

Sunshine Blankets arrive from the Netherlands today!

Good Afternoon and Welcome to 'SIBOL',

I would like to thank 'Fien' today who lives in the Netherlands. She has sent me a parcel which contains 4 beautiful Squares and 2 'Sunshine Blankets'. Everything in the parcel is really lovely and I would like to share some photos with you.

Let's take a look at the Blankets first.

This one is called 'Aqua Daisies'. It's so...pretty!


I think the name Fien has chosen really is spot on. The Blues have a very calming feel to the Blanket hence the name 'Aqua' and the Yellow and the White in the centre of the Squares really do look like Daisies. The Border finishes it off so well too. Fien has also attached some little Butterflies on a chain and the little card is in the same colours as the Blanket. I think she has taken the card as inspiration to be honest. She has even crocheted an edging to the card, you will see on the following photos.

I just love this Blanket, can you imagine an Elderly person in a Home receiving this one? I'm sure they will be terribly pleased to receive it.

The next Blanket is called 'Rainbow Roses' and you will see why. In the centre of the Squares are some really cute Roses and this Blanket is definitely another winner! Once again the border is perfect.matches the joining so well! Fien you are kind.  Thank you!


I have some great Squares too from Fien. They were originally for my stash, but to be honest I think they will look perfect in our Jersey Textile Showcase.

 We can put these under 'Wool Festival', 'Food Festival' and 'Flower Festival'.


The Squares are going to look great in the Blanket I am working on thank you.
If you have Squares for the Jersey Textile Showcase could you let me know please
on (Sue)

Thank you so much Fien for everything in the parcel today.
It's been a pleasure to receive your Crocheting. I can tell you have spent many hours
making such beautiful work. 
I just want you to know that I appreciate it very much indeed.
Thank you!

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x Sue x 

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