Monday, 26 August 2013

Southbank Centre Village Fair Day two.

Good Afternoon and welcome to 'SIBOL',

I am terribly grateful to Maria-Jesus and PurlyGalore for promoting our 'SIBOL' Group at the event which has been taking place at the Southbank Centre in London over the last two days. They belong to the London Knaughty Knitters and they very kindly distributed information about our project.  They have also very kindly given me an up-date on Day two.

"The day, again, has been fantastic.
One of our top students, the Baking Dolly, who learnt to knit and crochet in the space of two hours yesterday, also won the 'Bake off' competition today, and brought her mouthwatering prize winning lemon drizzle cake for us to eat!
We had lots of women and men knitting with us, many different nationalities, and some lovely children...
It was really interesting to hear their knitting stories, and we made some new friends.
Many people wanted to find out about Sibol, and took some information home.

Thanks to them, over the last two days we've made about 50 squares!
Overall, we have a grand total of 103.
They will be made into blankets and added to the one we've already finished.

It's been a great weekend, and we hope you have gained many Sibolettes :)"

Purlygalore and Maria-Jesus

Photos too! Thank you!

Grand total

Southbank village fair day 2

Southbank day 2

LKK Southbank day 2.1

LKK Southbank day 2.2

LKK Southbank day 2.3

LKK Southbank day 2.4

LKK Southbank day 2.5

LKK Southbank day 2.6


The photos are great, it  looks as though you all had a fab time. A lovely time to sit, knit and chat and at the same time turn out some beautiful Squares and Butterflies for 'SIBOL'. Beautiful blankets too coming my way by the look of the photos. 

I'm sure everyone in the 'SIBOL' Group would like to thank you both  for promoting our Group. You have both worked really hard making this event a success and I have to say the leaflets that you produced are fabulous. Well done to you both!

x Sue x 

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