Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 1 Southbank Centre Village Fair.

Good morning!

I would like to thank  Maria-Jesus and PurlyGalore for promoting our SIBOL Group on Saturday.

They both belong to 'London Knaughty Knitters' and over the weekend they are holding an event at the Southbank Village Fair. The event runs for two days so there is still time to pop along if you are in the area. They very kindly printed some leaflets out informing their visitors about the work we do for the Elderly and invited everyone to knit a square for us. How kind!

I have received a report about the day from Maria-Jesus I thought you would like to read it.

We've been really busy, it's been rainy but we were indoors.

In a way the rain made people come and sit with us and knit a square.

Lots of experienced knitters interested in Sibol, and also lots of beginners keen to make the gorgeous butterflies, and have a go at the beginning of a square.

We had made a butterfly garland in rainbow colours, and it's been photographed and admired :)

They have also looked at the blanket we've already put together, the one with the loud Christmasy colours.

We've given away lots of leaflets that have your blog's address, so maybe someone will be in touch :)

A few people are coming back tomorrow to carry on with their squares!

We had a great happy atmosphere, and the day has gone really quickly.

Photos too!

Afternoon knitting

Happy crowd

Butterfly finished!

Well done! You've made a great Butterfly!

London Knaughty Knitters backwards

Determined to crochet

igreat day

Learning to crochet butterflies

Quieter moment


Getting busy

Getting busy2

What it's all about

  Great Blanket!



A fantastic selection of photos thank you both so much! I love the string of Butterflies what a great idea and I'm so pleased you had a good turn out. It looks as though the event was a success to me and all the best for Sunday! I'm sure everyone will enjoy reading this post.

What a great day!

x Sue x

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