Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Sunshine Blankets.

Good Afternoon,

I'm very pleased to be showing you some new 'Sunshine Blankets'.

The Squares were  made by 80 year old Grace.
Pippa very kindly asssembled the first two Blankets.
Grace is marvellous. She lives in sheltered accomodation and is one of our 
Squares give her an interest as you can imagine and it is good exercise for her hands.
I'm very grateful to her for all the hard work she puts in to these Squares.
As you will be able to see there are 'quite a lot of them!'

The one of the Left is called 'Miss Grace'
and the one on the Right is called 'Aw Grace'.


Thank you Pippa.

The next three were assembled by myself.


I decided to take a different approach to them this time.
Putting much of the same colours in to each Blanket.
They are much bigger than our usual 25 Squares but you can imagine
how much more cosier they would be!

The one of the left is called 'Saving Grace'
Middle - 'Days of Grace'
Right - 'Far from Grace'

I hope you like them.

x Sue x

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  1. The colours in all these blankets are lovely. I'm nearly ready to start making a blanket; watch this space.


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