Friday, 7 June 2013

Beautiful Blankets from Devon today!

Good afternoon,

I had a lovely morning today, I went and visited pippas45 (RAV) who lives nearby. Over a cup of tea she gave me some more Squares from Grace who lives in Rowheath House and also some Squares that

Grace has sent more Squares for SIBOL thank you!

she had made herself.

We have Blue ones too, great thank you!

Great Squares Pippa thank you!

Pippa thanks for the Squares.

Along with some Stars, Hearts and Flowers

Flowers for the Blankets thank you Pippa!

Also pretty Butterflies

Pippa thank you for the 'SIBOL' Butterflies!

and a big bag of Blankets made by Chalky down in Devon.
Chalky has very kindly been putting these Blankets together for 'SIBOL',
and she gave them to pippas45 to bring back for her. It's nice that they
can both meet up while down that way.

'Granny's Treasure'


'Mix 'n Match'


'Peaches 'n Cream'


'Cozy Throw'


'Handmade With Love'


'Wrapped In Love'


'For You'


'Comfort Throw'


I am very grateful to you Chalky for making these wonderful Blankets. I know that once again they are going to be so welcomed in the Homes.

The Ribbons too will be very useful, many thanks for everything.

Linda thank you for the Ribbon donation.

Well another exciting post today.

Thanks for stopping by!

x Sue x

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