Monday, 3 June 2013

25 Sunshine Blankets delivered today!

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Our 'SIBOL' project started in January 2010 and I'm very pleased to tell you that we have now made 423 'Sunshine Blankets'. The project was started in Memory of my Grandmother who lived to the fine age of 103. She was very fortunate that right up until the day she sadly passed away she was in good health and lived very independently in her own Bungalow. She cooked for herself, bathed herself and knew everything about History and Politics. She had lots of  family and friends visiting her and of course it was just so interesting to talk to her about years ago. So when I decided I wanted to Crochet for a Charity it wasn't hard deciding which one, it was for the Elderly. I wanted to make Blankets for them.

Back in January 2010 I asked my on-line friends if they wanted to help me by sending in 6" Crocheted or Knitted Squares. The Squares started coming in first of all from the States and then the UK and Europe.  My initial idea was to make half a dozen, I'm amazed we have now made 423!

Not only do we receive Squares to be assembled, many Ladies even make Blankets now which they send to me. 'SIBOL' is a place where we can be creative practicing our skills but of course we are working for the Elderly too.

Over the past week I have been getting our Blankets ready.






This morning I telephoned Georgina at Olton Grange Residential Home in Solihull and asked if they would like any donations of Blankets. Georgina was only too pleased to accept them. I asked if I could go up straight away to deliver them as the Blankets were all ready. The Home is only ten minutes away so getting there wasn't a problem.

olton grange

I am always a little nervous when I go to a Home that's me for you, but there was absolutely no need. I was greeted by a member of Staff who went and told Georgina I was waiting. What a lovely home, I could tell straight away that it was friendly and welcoming. Georgina came out and introduced herself to me and I started showing her our Blankets.

Vera one of the Residents was actually leaving the building to go in to the Village and Georgina asked her if she would like one of our Blankets.  Georgina gave her Marion's blanket and Vera agreed to having her photograph taken. What a treat for her! The Blankets were so loved by the Staff and Residents.




 Olton Grange Residential Home  were very grateful for all the Blankets that they have received today and a Big Thank you to everyone that has helped me. 
I know that the Blankets will be really useful to them and I'm 
pleased that they will give love and warmth to the Elderly.

I do still have some upstairs which I have left over and will deliver those as soon as I can.

Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x 

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  1. Well done Sue. What a great thing you have started.


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