Sunday, 26 May 2013

Squares made by an 80 year old Lady.

Good Morning!

I'm very pleased to be showing you two new Blankets which I have put together over the last couple of days. The '50' Squares in these two Blankets came from 'Grace' who is 80 and lives in Sheltered Accommodation here in Birmingham. If you remember 'Anne' very kindly made up two Blankets recently. Grace had actually made 100 in total. Fabulous! Thank you Grace.

What I like about these Squares is that the yarn is doubled up and incorporating the white really gives them a marbled look and the Blankets are so warm and chunky.

I found some pretty Butterflies to dress them up too!



I'm really pleased how these Blankets have turned out.



100 Squares in total made by 80 year old Grace.
Thank you so much.

These pretty Blankets will be delivered to the Elderly.


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x Sue x 


  1. I've been using some doubled up cone wool recently to make some puppets. It gives, as you say, a pleasing marbled effect.


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