Thursday, 16 May 2013

Grannies Galore!

Good Afternoon,


I am so excited to be showing you four beautiful Granny Blankets which have arrived today from Denise and the Crafting Ladies at Tindall Riley (London).    I'm going to show you part of the letter she sent to me.

"4 Blankets from the crafting Ladies at Tindall Riley. They craft and hold sales to raise money for charity and call themselves the "TR Bag Ladies". We hope they are suitable for your cause. They have certainly served us well as an opportunity to teach crochet and have the learners see rapid results from their efforts of contributions".

I am absolutely over the moon with these beautiful Blankets especially because I know that you have gone to such a lot of trouble teaching the Ladies in your Group the art of crochet. Each one of the Squares in these Blankets have been made so well and I wouldn't know that the Ladies are beginners by any means! A great selection of Squares in each of the four Blankets made in wonderful colour combinations. The Blankets all have pretty borders too and are perfect sizes for the Elderly ideal to throw over their laps. They are so warm too, I absolutely love them.

I'm really pleased that you think the 'SIBOL' project has been worthy of your time and would you please thank each of the Ladies for their hard work. I know that these Blankets are going to be so well received when I go out on my next deliveries. I did actually put a letter in the post today to tell you that they had arrived okay because I couldn't find your email address. (

Let's take a look now at these pretty Blankets.


What a pretty Blanket! Thank you.

Aren't they gorgeous? Now the other two.


Superb! Thank you!

How lovely, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy your Slide Show now!

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