Wednesday, 15 August 2012

'Flashy blanket' for our Elderly.

Good morning,

232. 'Flashy blanket' from Katou (France). Thank you!

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today. It's so nice when Ladies have made their own blankets for 'SIBOL' and this morning I have received a beauty from Notre-Atelier in France. This blanket is stunning and she has used the 'mile-a-minute' pattern over on You Tube. This blanket works up so quickly and look at the fantastic colours too! Notre-Atelier had concerns that the brightness of the blanket would not be suitable but I have re-assured her that the Elderly love bright colours and I'm sure this one will be very well received.

Butterflies too make this blanket so special and Notre-Atelier even included a Flower garland and crocheted case for my birthday. Very nice of you thank you so much Notre-Atelier.

Let's take a look now at 'Flashy blanket'. Thank you so much! I love it.

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Thank you for visiting I hope you like the blanket.

x Sue x


  1. It's a lovely blanket - I'm sure it will be loved.

    Happy Birthday to you - I hope you enjoy your day. :)

  2. Beautiful,love the pattern.Cute colors too.


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