Saturday, 28 August 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 26 'Blue and White' theme 2.

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope you  are all enjoying the weekend.  It's a long one for us here in the UK.
It's Bank Holiday on Monday so that means another day off for those who go to
work.  Mr. Twins and myself have just got back from having a Curry.  We have been
to the same restaurant for over 30 years.  The service was rubbish to tell you the
truth, we were kept waiting for ages for our meal. It looked like the young people on
the next table got fed up of waiting because while they were waiting for their main
course they decided to go outside for cigarettes! Well they didn't come back!
Honestly, haven't they got a cheek! I certainly never did that when I was young.

Anyway, I'm stopping by this evening to show you the  latest SIBOL
Blanket.  It looks like a twin blanket to me, rather like the first 'Blue and White' I
have been wanting to use up some white yarn I had here. The Squares are so different
of course, they have been simply beautiful to work with.  Thank you so much to everyone
who has sent some for this Challenge.  I have to thank dear Kate for the gorgeous home-dyed
yarn she sent for the 'Blue and White' themes. It has worked up so beautifully and it was such
a pleasure to work with! Please check Kates' blog 'The Garden Bell'.

The first 'Blue and White' is on the left. It's called 'Wedgewood Willow'.  We need a name for  the Blanket on the left please?

I'm off to start the next one now, have a good evening everyone! Thank you so much for the beautiful Squares.


  1. Sue, the blankets are lovely! Blue is one of my favourite colours and you've put these squares together beautifully. My idea for a name for the one on the left would be 'Blue Heaven'.

    Sorry about your curry - it's so annoying when you have bad service, isn't it? I don't blame the other guests, to be honest!

    It's not bank holiday here for us this weekend, but I shall pretend it is (the banks here close on Mondays, anyway!) and have a chilling-out day!


  2. It really looks like a twin of SIBOL no. 25. Very pretty! Great job, as always. Perfect colours for the hottest days of the summer we are having here.

  3. Another lovely one. You are doing such a great job Sue.
    How about "Blue Moon" or "Rapsody in Blue" as a name?

  4. Thanks for the names! I'm gathering them! x

  5. Again a very pretty blanket Sue!
    Love it!

  6. Oh, Sue, each of these blankets is a work of art! So very beautiful. This blue and white would have been my Mother's favorite.


  7. Lovely ones, as always. These "twins" blankets should be for a twins old couple...
    Regarding the names how about "Blue Sea" ?

  8. Those are both so beautiful, I just love the different "Blues"....Aha!! The Blues Brothers!!!

    Hugs, Anne

  9. So many beautiful names for a lovely blanket! Great job Sue, as always!

  10. I didn't think I would like the blue and white one, but these are stunning. I love the name

    THE BLUES Brothers. But, then I'm from Chicago where it was filmed and John Belushi is from my home town.

  11. Just found your blog and your beautiful work - will definitely return for a closer look. The blue blankets are gorgeous - how about the blue willow pattern?
    Best wishes

  12. Lovely work, as always, Sue. The blue and white squares put me in mind of Delft porcelain tiles, so how about "Delft Delphinium"?


  13. Sue, what another beautiful creation and the two look stunning together - I think Delft or Dutch Delft - really lovely and such an achievement for you Sue, what a brilliantly creative year you are having! Love K x

  14. Hi Mrs. Sue are you,I haven't forget you....just working ,working .The blanket is looking perfect ,so beautiful.Thanks for all your great work.Blessings !



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