Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 25! 'Blue and White' theme 1.

Hi Everyone!

I do hope you all had a good weekend! I've been busy today finishing off my first Blue and White Blanket.  It's been really nice working with the beautful SIBOL Squares I have received. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.  I have now made 25 Blankets with 25 Squares in each. Gosh! I've just
worked that out. 625 Squares wow!  Squares from I think 16 or 17 countries, amazing!!
So thank you to all who have very kindly sent me these Squares. Who would have thought it, when I first
of all mentioned my idea on 'Mrs Twins' back in January!

May I say Congratulations to The Garden Bell.  She has just reached her 1st Blog Anniversary and I'm so
happy that she has stayed the course! Please visit her wonderful Blog. She has the most amazing photographs, and her blankets are just lovely. Not to mention her wonderful home-dyed yarn! Simply beautiful.  Kate well done!

I have been waiting desperately for your little seeds to start shooting. They seemed to be taking a long time.  I've  only had a few flowers so far, unfortunately those slugs have had  a bit of a meal! I can't remember the names though Kate, the little packet has disintegrated!

Anyway, here's my Slide Show. I hope you like the Blanket, I've had so much fun making it!
Thanks to all!

Thanks for paying me a visit today!


  1. Twenty five blankets is amazing!!!!! This blanket is so sweet and reminds me of bluebells. Speaking of Bells.. it's wonderful to join the celebration for Kate's The Garden Bell anniversary. Have a wonderful week Sue.

  2. The blue and white blanket is really lovely. I love blue and white together. When you actually stop to add up the number of squares you have worked with, it's s quite an amzing number. Congratulations! Have a great week. Ros

  3. Just me -- I am still stuck on beautiful blues but am now looking fondly at lilacs and purples-- must be autumn on the way and all those berries in the hedgerows.

  4. Hi MS.Sue ...this is so pretty ...I love the white......Nice ....nice.......Take Care and have a nice week.

    Love this blanket.All of them.

  5. 25 blankets! It is so amazing!
    Thanks for your hard work, Sue. Hugs~

  6. Your just too sweet for the shout-out. But,I think you have a big day coming up soon too.

    Ok, I can't believe you actually got a flower from the seeds. That one is the bunnies favorite to nibble down to the ground. Glad to see that you have some new fun colors this summer.


  7. Dear Sue,
    you really are a "crochet machine".... 25 blankets, such an special number. Congratulations!!!

  8. The Silver Anniversary blanket I think ...
    Love it as ususal
    Love Louise x

  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting today, Sue! And thanks for your compliment on the shawl. I don't see how you have time to do anything except crochet those blankets!

    I heard a rumor you may be working on a Granny Shawl like GB and I made. You really should take some time and make it for yourself or one of your daughters. You'll love it and so will they!

    Love and smooches ~

  10. What an amazing amount of work you have done, Sue! 25 blankets!!! I know the squares come from anywhere and everywhere, but to lay them out and sew them all together is a MAJOR effort! Thank you again for everything you are doing.

  11. So, am I seeing correctly that your blog b-day is coming up 15 days?

  12. Hi Sue

    As I said last night, I am sitting here early morning with a cuppa finally catching up on all the blog news and it feels gReat! Another fab blanket, you are doing SO well, if you laid them all out together they would probably cover your whole garden and thats a lot of crochet. A blog birthday coming up well done - will head over and catch up with the birthday blog girl Kate.

    Take care and have a lovely long weekend.
    Kimbles x


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