Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL No. 22! (Flower Theme 7).

llo and Welcome to 'Mrs Twins'

May I say hello to all my New Followers, I'm so pleased you're visiting my Blog. Thank you!

I'm very happy today because I have just finished my SIBOL No. 22! This Blanket is just lovely, full of the most beautiful Squares and I have really enjoyed making it. If you haven't already visited my spin-off blog please do. SIBOL.  We have such fun over there .......

Beautiful Squares from you all, Thanks so much, aren't they pretty!.........>


May I thank all the Lovely Ladies who have sent me Squares
for SIBOL, especially the beautiful ones for the Flower Themes!
Very much appreciated!

Thanks for visiting me today!


  1. Sue, No. 22 is really great. I'm certain it would cheer you up on even on the most dreary of days. Congratulations on No. 22 and the success of SIBOL!!!

  2. My goodness, you have turned into a crochet machine. Were you working on these simultaneously? Or have you worked out a quick production method? ☺
    They are looking good ☺ Well done

  3. Another cracker Sue. This blanket really oozes summer charm.
    Jak x

  4. Another blanket? So soon after the last?
    Sue whatever are you doing? You'll get RSI if you don't slow down!
    Well done, what a champion you are.
    This one is my favourite so far - absolutely lovely!

  5. so pretty one!
    it looks really lovely
    best wishes

  6. You're on a roll with blankets, Sue!

    Well done!


  7. Hi Sue, youare doing marvellous with the blankets
    love the slide shows
    will look in again

  8. Thanks all for your comments.
    I'm so pleased you enjoy the Slide Shows Enid, I enjoy making them for you all to see.
    I love making the blankets as well as you see!
    You haven't got a blog Enid?
    Thanks everyone!
    Love Suex

  9. Hello Ms. Sue ...now I have the translator for you installed on the left side of the blog.Thanks and have a nice wekend.



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